Tips for CS335

Game Design Tips
Here are some sprite resources, but THEY ARE COPYRIGHTED
Old School Sprite Backgrounds
Old School Sprites
More sprites

Here is a rough process of how I do game development Game dev process
The process is for making a mod for the Source Engine, but the same ideas can be applied for CS 335.

CMPS 335 Lab 07

CS 221 Extra Credit

Current Chapters:

Ch 10 Implementation

To Do List for CS335


Be sure you register your GitHub account GitHub site
Before quater ends: contribute a change to the GitHub project
Project Details

Gordon's project
Study for the Final (will be similar to the quiz questions)

Questions or other thing you'd like to discuss? Email me: or come by my tutoring hours, MW 3:30pm-7pm, Tu 8am-10am SCI 3 room 324

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