CMPS 1200 - How This Course Works

Welcome to Computer Science 1200. This course covers basic computer skills using Microsoft Windows 7, Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access). You are welcome to use newer versions of Windows and Office or a non-Microsoft platform but the online manual does not provide instructions. If you choose to use a non-Microsoft product be sure to contact your TA because these programs have different capabilities and may not meet the requirements of the assignment. You should also be aware that a license for Access does not come standard with Microsoft Office. You will need to use the computer science department lab computers for assignments using Access unless you want to purchase the product. Other computers on campus may or may not have Access installed.

This course is taught by teaching assistants under the supervision of a full-time instructor in the computer science department. All technical questions are handled solely by the teaching assistant. If you have a question concerning the grade you received on any assignment try to resolve it first with your TA. If you still have concerns email me at or come see me during my office hours.

The course is organized into ten units. One unit is covered per week throughout the quarter. For a list of assignments and when they are assigned see the calendar. Calendar Each class meeting consists of a demonstration of the material by the TA followed by a lab. During lab students can work on the homework assignment for that unit with the TA's help.

Each weekly assignment has one document that must be submitted by email to the teaching assistant (TA) assigned to your section. See the course website at Home Page for the email address of your TA.

You do not need to come to lecture or lab. All material necessary to complete the assignment is posted online; see the 'Lab Manual' for that unit. It covers the necessary skills needed to complete the assignment. Also you can search online for the many tutorials covering the concepts of that weeks assignment. If you need additional help outside of class the TA will be available for 3 hours/week. Office hours are posted online.

The final exam is take-home. You are expected to complete the final on your own without assistance from the TAs. However, if you have any questions about the requirements or run into odd technical difficulties, feel free to come to class or your TA's office hours.