Instructor of Record

Steve Garcia
(661) 654-6748
Office: Sci 3 Rm 332
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Course Description: This course covers computer skills and concepts essential to success at a university. The specific applications used are Windows 7, FireFox, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. The course material is based on Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010.

Prerequisites: None.

Text and Materials: The lab material for this course is posted online under 'Lab Manual'. You will need a USB flash drive to save your work. It is your responsibility to backup your flash drive onto a hard disk or another flash drive.

Attendance: Attendance is not required in this class. It is YOUR responsibility to check the course website weekly to ensure your grades are correct and for possible changes to material and/or requirements.

Email Accounts: You must have an email account. It is your responsibility to get one. The campus recommends gmail.

Homework Assignments: ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE BY MONDAY THE FOLLOWING WEEK. NO EXCEPTIONS. All assignments including the final project are posted online. LATE WORK IS NOT ACCEPTED FOR ANY REASON AND NO ASSIGNMENTS ARE DROPPED. Each week your TA will demonstrate the concepts covered in the assignment. You can work on the assignment following each lecture with your TA's help. The 'Assignments' will generally require additional time outside of class. Email your weekly homework to the TA assigned to your section (see course website).

The grades link for your section has homework grades posted by the last 3 digits in your RunnerID. If you have a duplicate ID, contact your TA to be assigned an alternate. If you need extra help in this class, see your TA during office hours or visit our tutors.

Midterm Exam: There is no midterm exam.

Final Exam: Your final exam is a take-home project that will cover all four applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access). See the course website for due date. You will email your final to your TA just as with your homework. LATE FINALS NOT ACCEPTED! If you have an emergency you must email your TA BEFORE the deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Plagiarism: Violations are strictly enforced. If two students submit identical files, both students will receive zeros. If this occurs more than once, you will fail the course. Read the CS department's Academic Honesty Policy if you have any questions regarding plagiarism.

Grading: Grades are computed strictly as follows. There is no curving or modification of borderline grades. There are NO incompletes for this course.

                                         A  90%
      Homework Assignments ...... 80%    B  80%
                                         C  65%
      Final Exam ................ 20%    D  50%
                                         D- 30%
                                         F  below 30%