Logging onto Outlook

Please click on the 'Lab Manual' for detailed instructions.

It is best to save all of your work to your flash drive/UPB drive. To do this plug it into the computer and wait until the computer recognizes the USB drive. Click 'Start' then 'Computer'. The flash drive should appear as 'Removable Disk (E:)'. Right click on the USB drive and select 'New' then click 'Folder' and name the folder; this is where you will save your assignments. And don't forget to take your USB drive with you when you leave; each quarter 4 or 5 people forget and the devices usually disappear. As you work save frequently; the keyboard short cut for saving the document is Ctrl s (press the Ctrl key then the s key). Or click the save button in the upper left corner of the screen image.

Getting Started

To get started on the lab computers double click the 'CS120' icon. It will take a minute or two to load the virtual machine. (A virtual machine is a computer made of only software built ontop of a physical computer. It is a computer within a computer.) You will be presented with several alert boxes the first 'This virtual machine might have been moved or copied' click 'I Copiedd It'. The next one is the 'Software Update' alert box click 'Remind Me Later'. The next is the 'Set Network Location' click 'Public' then 'Close' you are ready to go. If you get the 'Microsoft Window' click 'Restart Later'. You can now open your desired program. The two thick black lines on the top and bottom separate the virtual machine (computer) and the real computer. You will work only in the virtual machine which is between the two thick black lines and has a blue background with a grey bar on the bottom.

Exercise 1

All class emails will be sent to your CSUB Office365 Outlook email. So it is imperative that you know your netid and password to login. For this week's assignment you will send an email with the correct subject line (instructions below) with the following document attached. Use this file for your assignment.

Link to email login.

If you do not know your netid or password you will need your CSUB ID number to find out that information. Simply click on 'Account Lookup' below the email login provided by the link above. If further instruction is needed please click on this weeks lab manual.

In the subject line for your email, include the assignment number, your name and the last 3 digits of your RunnerID in this form:

Homework 1, 123, Samantha Spade

(Replace Samantha Spade with your name and 123 with the last three digits of your student ID). The subject line must be exactly in this format (including capital letters and commas) in order for my grading script to download your assignment correctly, so please follow these instructions carefully.

Errors in your homework grade must be worked out with your TA within one week of grades being posted. You will be asked to show the assignment in the sent email box with the attachment to the TA as proof that you submitted your work on time.

Remove your USB drive and take the drive with you when you leave. This should be the last action when you leave the lab every time. The lab computers are wiped clean every night and all data stored on them is deleted. USB drives left plugged into the computer usually find a new owner.