Introduction to PowerPoint

Please click on the 'Lab Manual' for detailed instructions.

Exercise 1

  • Open a new presentation with three slides.
  • Save the presentation as hw7.pptx; it should say 'PowerPoint Presentation' in the 'Save as type:' field.
  • The first slide should have a title and subtitle layout.
  • Type "Bakersfield" in the main title.
  • Type your name with the date underneath in the subtitle.
  • The second slide should have a title and content layout.
  • Type "Good Places to Eat" as the title.
  • List 3 of your favorite places to eat along with a brief (4 or 5 words) description of each place.
  • The third slide should have the title and 'Comparison' style.
  • The title is "Great Things to Do."
  • In the first list, include things that are fun to do in Bakersfield.
  • In the other list, write down some things that are fun to do nearby.

  • Add a background to each of the slides.
  • Make one background a texture, one a solid color, and one a gradient.
  • Add an image to each of the slides.

Exercise 2

  • Open Excel. Enter this data into a table:

       A    B     C
    1  Average Temperatures
    2       High  Low
    3  Jan  55.8  35.2 
    4  Feb  64.0  39.7 
    5  Mar  71.3  44.4 
    6  Apr  77.2  48.8 
    7  May  84.8  55.5 
    8  Jun  92.7  61.5 
    9  Jul  102.1 67.5 
    10 Aug  100.7 66.1 
    11 Sep  91.8  58.3 
    12 Oct  83.1  50.5 
    13 Nov  70.0  40.0 
    14 Dec  58.0  35.2

  • Create an Excel bar chart from the above table.

  • Insert slide 4 as a title only slide in the PowerPoint presentation from Exercise 1.
  • Enter "Temperatures" as the title.
  • Copy and paste the table and the chart onto the slide.
  • Change the background so the table and chart are easily seen.
  • Select a transition for each of the slides.
  • Animate at least two of the slides.
  • Set the timing of your presentation.
  • Each slide should appear just long enough for the viewer to read the slide but not so long that the viewer gets distracted.

Save the PowerPoint Presentation as 'hw9.pptx' in the 'PowerPoint Presentation' format (it should be default). Send hw9.pptx as an email attachment to your TA.

In the subject line for your email, include the assignment number, your name and the last 3 digits of your RunnerID in this form:

Homework 9, 123, Samantha Spade

(Replace Samantha Spade with your name and 123 with the last three digits of your student ID). The subject line must be exactly in this format (including capital letters and commas) in order for my grading script to download your assignment correctly, so please follow these instructions carefully.

Errors in your homework grade must be worked out with your TA within one week of grades being posted. You will be asked to show the assignment in the sent email box with the attachment to the TA as proof that you submitted your work on time.

Remove your USB drive and take the drive with you when you leave. This should be the last action when you leave the lab every time. The lab computers are wiped clean every night and all data stored on them is deleted. USB drives left plugged into the computer usually find a new owner.