Coming up with a business

Come up with a business of your choosing real or fictional.


Open PowerPoint and create 4 slides (or as many as you need).

The first slide will be a Title Slide that will contain the name of your business and your name.

The second slide will be a Title and Content slide that will contain a short description of your business and 3 bullet points of what the business sells or positive points about it.

Open an excel workbook and create three different tables that would help you manage your business. For example, calculating employee salary, discount items, or monthly sales. Use week 6 and 7 as examples.

For these tables, you must, at the least, use the addition, multiplication, and average function for full points. Any use of more complicated functions may lead to extra points. Copy and paste these tables to the third (and fourth if needed) slide to your PowerPoint. Make them Blank slides.

Next, you must create two differenct types of excel charts that represent any aspect of your business. You may use any information from the 3 tables you just made to make your charts. You may look at week 8 for examples. Any type of chart may be used. Copy and paste these charts to the last slide of your PowerPoint. Make this a Blank slide and resize the charts to fit both on one slide.

Any information that is copied directly from week 6, 7, 8, or 9 will automatically result in a zero for this assignment.

You do not need to send in your excel workbook.

Save the PowerPoint presentation as 'hw14.pptx' in the 'PowerPoint Presentation' format (it should be default). Send hw14.pptx as an email attachment to your TA.

In the subject line for your email, include the assignment number, your name and the last 3 digits of your RunnerID in this form:

Homework 14, 123, Samantha Spade

(Replace Samantha Spade with your name and 123 with the last three digits of your student ID). The subject line must be exactly in this format (including capital letters and commas) in order for my grading script to download your assignment correctly, so please follow these instructions carefully.

Errors in your homework grade must be worked out with your TA within one week of grades being posted. You will be asked to show the assignment in the sent email box with the attachment to the TA as proof that you submitted your work on time.

Remove your USB drive and take the drive with you when you leave. This should be the last action when you leave the lab every time. The lab computers are wiped clean every night and all data stored on them is deleted. USB drives left plugged into the computer usually find a new owner.