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My name is Miles Heaton and I am a recent graduate of California State University, Bakersfield.

I went to Ridgeview High School in Bakersfield, California. I started in August 2006 and graduated with a high school diploma in June 2010. I participated in the marching and concert bands all four years at Ridgeview, playing clarinet for the first three years and tuba my senior year; I also played clarinet and bass clarinet in both musicals put on by the drama program. I participated in the math club for three years and subsequently three Lee Webb Math Field Days hosted by CSUB. I also participated in the chess club at Ridgeview for the first three years I attended Ridgeview and played in numerous chess tournaments.

At CSUB, my original plan was to get an Associate's degree in Pre-Engineering and transfer to California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. I started attending in September 2010 and changed major to Computer Engineering in the summer of 2011, when the degree program was first offered. I focused in control systems and automation, taking courses such as robotics, introduction to control systems, digital communications, and instrumentation, control, and data acquisition. I graduated in June 2015 with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering from CSUB.


Senior Project

My senior project involved building two DJI F550 hexacopter drones, one for the purpose of chemical plume tracing and the other for photography.

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