Prosper Osagie-Amayo
Aspiring Full Stack Software Developer

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

About Me


     My name is Obosa Prosper Osagie-Amayo. I am currently a Junior at CSU - Bakersfield pursuing a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration.
     I transferred as a Junior from Bakersfield College majoring in Computer Science and receiving a Certificate of General Education.
     After my undergrad studies, I plan to futher my knowledge of software engineering and business through independent studies, internships, and employment opportunities.


     My interests are building innovative solutions and automation systems through software. I am also fascinated by many aspects of cyber security, mostly penetration testing . My software development experience primarily focuses on front end iOS and web/web app development and my core competencies are HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and AngularJS.
     As a Junior Software Developer for a custom software consultancy, I work with various programming languages, frameworks, and technologies.


     On my free time I generally like to play PC games and work on personal programming projects. I always try to start new programming projects to keep my skills sharp, learn new things, and collaborate with doers. I also like to research topics that interest me, such as finance, entrepreneurship, and weight training.
     My weight training methodolgy is modeled closely after the "Power Bodybuilding" training style. I constantly refine my training program through research and experimentation in order to maximize my results.

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