Prosper Osagie-Amayo
Prosper Osagie-Amayo
Computer Science Senior & Software Engineer



My name is Obosa Prosper Osagie-Amayo. I'm a Senior at CSUB pursuing a BS in Computer Science. I transferred to CSUB as a Junior from Bakersfield College majoring in Computer Science and receiving a Certificate of General Education.

I plan on finishing school after my undergrad and pursue a career in software engineering. Most of my practical knowledge comes from being self taught and learning from other knowledgeable software engineers.

I realized early in college that school wasn't going to teach me the things I wanted to learn and employers wanted to higher for. I started self-studying and this allowed me to build a skillset which landed me my first software developer position at a local startup.


My interests include building innovative software solutions, software automation, and cyber security, specifically penetration testing . My professional software development experience primarily focuses on front-end web/web application development and my core competencies are HTML/CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular 2+, Java, Python, and PostgreSQL.

I'm currently a software engineer contractor at OnStack Software. OnStack is a custom software development firm that primarily develops web and mobile apps. Our common tech stack is React, React Native, PostgreSQL, and GraphQL.


On my free time I generally like to play PC games and work on programming projects. I always try to start new programming projects to keep my skills sharp, learn new things, and collaborate with doers. I also like to research topics that interest me, such as computer science, finance, and weight training.

My weight training methodolgy is modeled closely after the "Power Bodybuilding" training style. I constantly refine my training program through research and experimentation in order to maximize my results.

Feel free to ask for advice on any of these topics.

Resources for aspiring software engineers

Programming Languages

Frameworks and Libraries



  • Software Engineering ⊆ Computer Science
  • Javascript !== Java
  • Website != Web App
  • Git != Github
  • Have good soft and teamwork skills!
  • Greenfield development is mostly dead
  • Don't rely on a certain tech stack
  • Start and complete side projects
  • Make a Github account, post projects
  • Use version control
  • Compete in hackathons
  • Helps to have GPA >= 3.0
  • Keep your resume updated
  • Make a LinkedIn and keep it up to date
  • Apply for internships
  • Only put things you actually know on your resume
  • Build an online portfolio
  • It's okay to be wrong
  • Be logical, analytical, creative, and versatile
  • Don't repeat yourself
  • Don't work for a startup without being paid
  • Network with people
  • Make connections.
  • Seriously... make connections.
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