CS 1200 Final


Overview. Your final project consists of a single PowerPoint presentation with five slides. Each slide beyond the opening slide contains data from the other three applications covered in class (Word, Excel, and Access). Your final submission is ONE attachment, the PowerPoint presentation. Save the other documents for backup purposes in case there is a problem with your submission. Name the PowerPoint presentation final.pptx Email final.pptx as an attachment to your instructor with the subject line "CS1200 Final, Last 4 Digits of Your ID, Your Name".

You should be able to complete the final project on your own. The 'Lab Manual' will be very helpful if you get stuck. If you need assistance come to one of the CMPS 1200 classes or come to office hours.

SLIDE 1 PowerPoint (10 points)
Open PowerPoint. Create a new presentation. For the opening slide, type "CS 1200 Final Exam Term & Year" as the title. For example Fall 2017. Put your name and last 4 digits of your student ID as the subtitle. Use any formatting or style you wish. You are done with slide 1. The content for the next five slides will be created in Word, Excel and Access. The specifications for these slides are provided below. Save your presentation as final.pptx.

Slide 2 Microsoft Excel (10 points)

Open Excel. Create a new spreadsheet named final.xlsx. Enter the following data into the worksheet. Enter numbers exactly as you see them. The first row is a title that should merge across all six columns.

To complete your worksheet, add the following:

  1. Enter a formula to compute the tax on each order (Price * 0.07). Format the values as 'Currency'.
  2. Use the IF function to find the shipping charge. If the weight is more than or equal to 10 pounds the shipping charge is $1.00 per pound (1.00 * pounds). Otherwise it is $0.50 per pound (0.5 * pounds).
  3. Use either a function or a formula to find the total cost of each order.
  4. Display the numbers in the Tax, Shipping, and Total columns with two decimal places and in the 'Currency' format.
  5. Make the title bold and increase the font size of it.

Return to your PowerPoint presentation. Insert a new slide. Copy and paste your finished Excel table into the slide. You are done with slide 2.

Slide 3 (10 points)

Return to Excel. In the same Excel workbook, rename Sheet 2 as Exercise 2 and enter the following data on the Exercise 2 sheet.

Using the above data, make a Column Chart. Save it on the same sheet as the data. Resize the chart if necessary to make the legends and titles clearly visible. When finished, it should look like the chart below. Hint you must use 'Switch Row/Column' button.

Return to your PowerPoint presentation. Insert a new 'Title Only' slide. For the slide title, enter your name. Copy and paste your Excel Bar Chart into the slide. You are done with slide #3. Save your worksheet in case you need to create your slide again.

Slide 4 Access (10 points)


Open Access. Create a blank database named final.accdb. Import the tables from above and name them Students, GPA, & Major.

Create a query that selects all of the history majors with a GPA greater than or equal to 3.5. The query should have the following fields 'Last', 'First', 'Major', and 'GPA'.

Copy and paste the data from the query into a new slide in the PowerPoint presentation. You are done with slide #4.

Slide 5 Word (10 points)
Open Microsoft Word and crate the table below. Copy and paste the table retaining source formatting into a new slide it should be slide #5.

Create the multilevel list below and copy and paste it into slide #5.

You are done with slide #5.
Save your PowerPoint Presentation. You should have 5 slides for the final. You are done with the final.

What To Submit To Your Instructor

In a single email, send your PowerPoint presentation 'final.ppt' as an attachment to your instructor. Do not attach any of the other files.

In the subject line of the email put "CS1200 Final, Last 4 Digits of Your ID, Your Name".