UNIT 1- Email

CSUB Internet Email

Composing a Message

To create a new email message you generally start by clicking a 'New' button. You insert the recipient's address in a To: box. All systems maintain an email address book. You can manually add an address or you can insert an address from the address book. After creating a message click the Send button.

Cc: and Bcc:

To send copies of a message to other people, type the address(es) in a box marked Cc: (for carbon copy) or Bcc: (for blind carbon copy). In a blind carbon copy, a recipient does not see other recipients.


The default folder for incoming messages is called the Inbox or Mailbox. Messages in the Inbox are marked opened or unopened and are usually listed with the most recent one first. A message may also be flagged to indicate it is new since the last time you checked your mail. The sender address, subject, size of the message (in bytes), and the date and time may be visible.

Sending Attachments

Files that are sent along with an email message are called attachments. You can attach Word documents, graphic images and many other types of files. To attach a file you generally click on an Attach button or select Attach File through the Menu bar. You can attach multiple files to a single email. Some email systems do not allow sending or receiving executable file attachments due to virus concerns.

To attach a file select one of the two options to attach a file noted below in red.

Next navigate to where you have saved your file and select it. Then select 'Attach as copy' as noted in red below. (This is a very important step if you select the other option I am unable to see your work and you will receive a zero for the homework.)