Computer Basics

Please click on the 'Lab Manual' for the reading for this assignment. You will need to search the internet for some of the responses.

Exercise 1

Answer the following questions in a Word document. You may need to search the internet to answer them.

1.) What are the keyboard shortcuts to select all, copy, and paste (PC or Mac, please specify)?
2.) What is the keyboard shortcut to quickly switch between open programs or apps (PC or Mac)?
3.) In what manner are files and folders organized on a computer?
4.) What are some common file extensions for images name at least three?
5.) What are three common web browsers that people use?
6.) What is the keyboard shortcut to quickly search for a key word supported by most web browsers?
7.) What is an easy way to look up or find information with the use of a computer with internet?
8.) What is the purpose of "Device Drivers" on a computer?
9.) What are the two main different peripherals and what makes them different?
10.) What are some of the essential hardware components that make up a computer?

Save the Word document as 'hw2.docx' in the 'Word Document' format (it should be default). Send hw2.docx as an email attachment to your instructor.

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Homework 2, 1234, Samantha Spade

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Remove your USB drive and take the drive with you when you leave. This should be the last action when you leave the lab every time. The lab computers are wiped clean every night and all data stored on them is deleted. USB drives left plugged into the computer usually find a new owner.