WAIT, VIM HAS TABS?! - 2/12/2014

So I just learned today that VIM supports tabs for handling multiple files. In the past I have always used the buffer commands to handle multiple files (e: to open and :bNext to switch between files), but I have been playing with the tabs and I really like them so far.

Here's how you use tabs:
:tabe to open a file in a new tab
:tabn to go to the next tab
:tabp to go to the previous tab

You can also switch between tabs by pressing Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl-PgDn or by clicking on them (if you have mouse support enabled in VIM). Pretty cool stuff.

NEW THINGS! - 9/21/2013

A new school year has begun, and now that I have this site up and running I can actually start to add stuff to it. I put up an old Draw project I did my freshman year at BYU... I thought I had lost it, but I found it while I was cleaning out an old hard-drive. Also, I have had quite a few freshman asking me about setting up Cygwin on their windows machines, so I made a quick little tutorial under my ALL-NEW Tutorials section!


I have successfully put off my homework and spent some time setting this site up. My motivation for creating this site is almost entirely selfish. I mostly just wanted a place to practice my web dev stills and keep track of current projects and available resources.