Eighteenth Annual Kern County Regional Science Bowl

Sponsored by California State University, Bakersfield


Don't miss out! Science Bowl XVIII February 13, 2010

The winning team will travel to Washington, DC to compete in the National Science Bowl in Spring 2010.



This form was developed to assist with the planning of the 2010 Science Bowl Program. Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated. This is not the official registration, only a preliminary participation form. Once school contacts and/or coaches have been established, team registration information will be made available through email. Deadline to register the number of team(s) you would like to have is November 30, 2009.

NOTE: In order to conduct the Science Bowl in one day, we must limit the number of participating teams. Each school may field at least one team, but we anticipate schools may enter additional teams. Last year, a 32-team competition was conducted and most of the 16 participating schools were able to field more than one team. Additional information will be provided with the forthcoming official registration information.

To confirm your schools INTENT to participate, please complete this form and hit the SUBMIT button below.

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Our school is unable to participate this year.

I would like more information about the Science Bowl, please contact me at the home/school number above.

3. Additional Comments (Will be emailed to Penny Lampkins)

For more information, please contact: Penny Lampkins (661-654-3082).