Password Generator

Using Perl code from George Shaffer at GeodSoft


Passwords that contain actual words are dangerous, because it is not difficult to mount what is known as a "Dictionary Attack". A word list of words or common password sequences allows an attacker to quickly try a very large number of potential passwords and can generally break into an account "protected" by such a password fairly quickly.

A password that is truly random is very secure against such an attack. Unfortunately, this sort of password is often quite difficult to remember, so is often vulnerable to the "sticky note" attack -- frequently the easy way to reliably remember it is to write it down (frequently in plain sight.)

One solution is a mostly random string that is designed to be pronounceable. If you can pronounce it, you are much more likely to be able to remember it. Here are ten passwords that are generated using an algorithm that has a good likelihood of being pronounceable. Among these should be at least one that you may be able to remember. If not, press reload for another ten.

And yes, capitalization and punctuation does count!

Check your password for strength here.