LaTeX Stuff

This stuff was created Sept. 1995 and is a little
out of date. There are links to more up to
date material at bottom of this page

The two definitive books on LaTeX2e are: "Latex A Document Preparation System" , second edition ( it is important you get the second edition) by Leslie Lamport and "The Latex Compaion" by Goosens, Mittlebach, and Samarin. The first is a more or less readable guide to Latex2e, and the second contains detailed descriptions of various packages. The definitive book on Tex is the "TeXbook" by Knuth.

The following are documentation written by various authors in order of increasing difficulty/complexity/specialty (subjective of course). They are available as post script files.

Recommendations: The following are the infamous Manpages from Unix. This stuff is a little out of date. For more information and other stuff see the Official TeX Organization. Follow link there to Tex Resources on the Web for more documentation. There is link to distributions and sites with software.

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