Coke can rendering, by Abdulelah

Main features of projec

1- Cylindrical texture mapping
2- Cylindrical bump/norma mapping
3- Multiple light sources
4- Soft shadows with each light source
5- Spherical texture mapping
6- Spherical bump/normal mapping
7- Using Ray tracing

The scene will look just like Gordon's can project

After Applying the texture map, I started implementing the normal mapping

It didn't look like a good start, but here it is

Finally I have the Y normal applied to the normal of the hit points

Here is once I applied the X normal to the normal X of the hit points

Thanks to Gordon, I found out that I have to rotate the X values so here its fully applied

After adding another light of source, I ended up with another problem

The problem in here was the light color went over 1 so I fixed it

I tried implementing the normal mapping on the floor

I still haven't figure out what the problem

Here is another images shows the missed up result

I totally gave up on the floor and i decided to keep that task at the end

Here I applied the normal map on a sphere to get myself familir with normal mapping

and go back to figure out the floor

Here is the final result I got

Few features added to the project indluding background and blurry effect.