This is my project idea!!!!!

        My project is to create ray-tracing scene of a bowling ball with perlin noise as a texture and a bowling pin with phong shading applied to its surface.

        The graphics elements of my project are a ray-tracing scene with model building aspects.


        Lab #06 Ray-Trace Ball .gif

        Lab #08 Shader .gif


        Bowling Pin that I am trying to recreate with lighting.


        First version towards creating the pin shape.


        UPDATE: 11-6-19
        Bowling pin in a more finished shape


        UPDATE: 11-15-19
        Final form of the bowling pin


        UPDATE: 12-1-19
        PHONG shading is now a success.
        First getting phong shading to ... 
        Left image is before phong shading, Right is with phong shading enabled.

        Now before I can apply this to the bowling pin I should get it to work on a cylinder first

        Finally after the success of applying phong shading to a cylinder I can use it on the full bowling pin.

        Changed the y-value for the normal to make the reflection seem more realistic.
        Left bowling pin with flat surface normal, Right Bowling pin with phong shading applied.

        10 bowling pins being rendered, took about 1hr and 30mins to render the gif.

        Changing the background color.

        Reflection of pillars on the bowling pin.
        Left has white pillars. Right has colored pillars.