Christian Capusi

Project: Bicycle logo intro


This project will be a real-time X11 animation that utilizes layers.


1. Create rounded shapes
2. Animate those shapes
3. Create Smooth motion


Drawing individual pieces and animating through physics to mimic the picture will be difficult in addition to creating smooth motion that is pleasing to the eye.

Project Progress

From Circle to Hexagon

I started out with a circle made out of points connected by lines from lab4.

I changed the number of vertices of the circle to 6. This way, it takes of the illusion of a circle and instead, a polygon with clearly sharp edges is rendered.

Wheel Thickness, Color, and Rotation

To create the illusion of thickness, I rendered the same line multiple times and changed its radius. I then changed the background color and line colors to match the animation and added rotation.

Wheel Class

I created a wheel class in order to create multiple wheels. The class contains functions that intializes the wheel, sets coordinates, velocity and the actual rendering. It takes advatange of the "this" pointer to allow for control of each wheel.