Angela & Cody

click on image to goto gameagar

The main game area consists of scattered non-controled dots your character can collect.
These dots will invlolve a collision detection and once collected need to be despawned
and respawned elsewhere on the map. There is going to be multiple players that can
overtake eachother. The idea is to grow as big as possible. your movement speed starts
to slow as you get bigger

Score system

The game has a scoring system based on the ammount of objects absorbed into your ball
The more objects and thus the bigger you are the higher your score. Here is listed the
the top people in the current server. The end game screen lists your stats including
factors like objects collected, mass, and the time spent.

Edges to Map

There is a limited play area that does restrict somewhat where you can go.


So we have set up and established a github repo for storing our code and
colaboration long distnace. this alleviates working long distance and sending
files back and forth.

Set up a Kanban sheet on trello to assist with work flow and describe exact
solutions to the coding problems we want to address with the project

currently working on changing physics to apply to multiple balls. Appears to
be an issue with physics only applying to a singular ball and currently working
on a solution for the physics bug and then pushing forward with online implementation