CMPS 3480 Project

by Cesar Lara

Proposal: Recreating the title card to Avengers - 10/2/19

My project idea is to recreate the title card sequence found in the series of Avengers films. There are several films but these are the two intro's that I have found to be the most interesting and visually appealing.

Each letter is going to be its own object as they must rotate independently. Each object will be built in Blender. I will have to create them myself and learn how to bring them into a program so they can be rendered.

Avengers: AoU Title Card Avengers: IW Title Card

graphical elements involved in this project:

completion of the project

Project will be completed when an intro sequence like the ones shown above is rendered in real time.

Gif for Lab6

The smaller spheres will orbit the larger one when finished

lab6 gif

Gif of Project Render

Intro animation at 800x600 at 30 fps

proj gif