Derrick Alden

CIS Graduate - Web/Mobile Developer - Game Developer



CSUB graduate Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a Concentration in Computer Information Systems. My focus is software engineering. I like to create.

Experience in: C++, Java, SQL, Javascript, Agile software development, Mobile app development, Web Design, Unreal4 Engine

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CubeDOA is a free to play first person experience created using the Unreal 4 engine. CubeDOA takes inspiration from many physiological thriller games. This game is currently in active development. More info about CubeDOA here.

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Royalpets is a presistent multiplayer browser game about owning your own virtual pets. Royalpets is powered by MySQL and is written in PHP and javascript. Royalpets is free, to create an account and play click here!

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Dungeon Escape

Dungeon Escape is a 2D platforming game. Dungeon Escape was created by a group of 4 students written entierly C++ using OpgenGL. I was tasked with designing the level functionality along with level design. View on Github

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X11 Wars

X11 Wars is a game written in C++ using the windows X11 graphical framework. X11 Wars is a top down arcade type shooter inspired by the game geometry wars. View on Github

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Android Apps

Below is a collection of apps I've written in Java for android devices.

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