Setting up Class Depository Directory

We are going to set up a homework and lab depository where you will submit your homework and lab assignments according to week. The purpose for this is so that you will no longer have to email to submit your code. There will be two script files that you will run: one script builds your directories according to class and week number, and the other sets the permissions to the directories such that the faculty group and you will only have access to the directories. The process from now on is that each homework and lab assignment will declare what to name your fileName.cpp and in which directory to store the assignment. This will save you the burden from having to send me an email with the attatched assignment before midnight. As long as the correctly named assignment exist within the correct subdirectory of 2020_S19, I'll be able to run a script to extract and grade the file(s). Warning: if the file is not within the correct subdirectory or if the filename is incorrect/misspelled, the assignment will not be extracted. Details of what subdirectory and filenames will be included within the assignment write up.

If you currently have a directory titled 2020_S19 within your home directory, rename the directory (ex. cs2020, 2020_bakup, etc). mv ./2020 ./cs2020

What To Do

  1. You will execute two scripts:
    This script will create a dir within your home dir called 2020_S19 which will include subdirectories wk1..wk15
    Once completed, your bash logout will call the script to ensure permissions are set correctly.
  2. Logout all current sessions, then login again.
  3. You may move any files/subdirectories you may have for previous homeworks and lab assignments (if you prefer organization), however, I will not need to extract already graded hws and labs