Final Project Proposal

1. Sports Trivia
2. The website will be about quizzes that test your sports knowledge.
3. The purpose of the website will be to allow users to gain more knowledge about sports.
4. The information I will have on my homepage will consist of a welcoming to the website, it will include an ‘about us’ section. It will also include a navigation bar, where it will have different options to choose from.
5. The front end features I would like to include on my final project is a very user-friendly experience where it will consist of several redirects to different pages within my project. But also, would like to include different redirects to like search engines and games.
6. The back end features I would like to include on my final project is a login/logout experience. I would like to try to add a ‘create an account’ feature. I would also like to include a summary of all the quizzes you have taken and also the score you received. And also, would like to include a ‘contact form’ in which a user inputs their information expecting future newsletters and stuff.
7. Once a visitor is on my website, I want them to be able to have a good experience without having much issues. I want them to be able to create their account and have a very fun experience. I want them to be able to take quizzes and have access to their scores.
8. I want visitors to like my website and be interested enough to create an account and use the website without any problem.
9. The actions I want users to take full advantage of the website and gain more knowledge about sports.
10. I am expecting to have 7-10 pages for my final project. I hope to have them working without running into any hard problems.
11. I believe I will need two tables. One for the user login information. And also one to keep track of all the users scores.
12. The layout/theme of the website is still TBD. I have not thought much of the layout/theme as my priority is to have a working website first.
13. I want to have a navigation bar at the top of the website and also a side navigation bar that will have random links.
14. I am pretty sure there are websites on the web with sports trivia that allow users to keep track of their scores.
15. I have yet looked on the internet for other websites that are similar to my idea, however, if I come across an idea that I like, I will definitely try to include it in my website.
16. My website will be similar to others because I am pretty sure there are several websites on the web that use sports trivia to entertain users.
17. I hope that my website will be different from others in terms that I want to make my website very user-friendly and fun.
18. I want my website to entertain users and have them create an account so that they can have access to the quizzes and all the other fun stuff of the website. The idea of my final project seems pretty fun. I do think of a few problems I will run into, but I hope to overcome them.