Melting ice project by Drake Young

CMPS-3480 Computer Graphics Fall 2019


The goal of my project is to use openGL to render a gif animation
of an ice cube melting into a puddle.


I will use elements from labs 6, 7, and 9 to render a gif animation,
of a cube using terrain maps which will decrease over time as another
cube around it increases in volume. Lab 6 provides elements such as
ray casting, scene projection, camera orientation, and anti aliasing
whch will provide a clear image of my shapes. Using elements from lab
7 I will applytextures to each model to create the appearance of ice
being inveloped by a transparant cube of water.



  1. Transparency
  2. distortion
  3. Object First Rendering
  4. Ray Tracing
  5. 3-point lighting
  6. texture mapping