By: Josh Annis & Garret Miller.

Game Design 2020 Final Project

Experience this prehistoric OpenGL frenzy!

Use your cursor to slingshot stick men into the air or upgrade and buy new powers to defend your castle!

Update 1

This update includes 3 blender objects which include a castle, green terrain, and stick-men. There is functionality right now.

Update 2

A circle was added to determine where the user's cursor is. This will be used to destroy the stick men. Also, stick men are rendered and moving, but this is only a test as shown above.


Implemented a power circle. Depending on the size of the circle, the enemy will be destroyed with different powers.


Currently working on a power up menu and health bar!

4/2020 |


Health bar is working! As shown the gif, the health bar decrements using different timers. Once the enemy approaches the castle, the health bar begins to decrease. For demonstation purposes, the health is shown decreasing in size before the enemy is present, because the player is able to attack the castle with the 'a' button on the keyboard. Another thing to note is the color change to represent the danger of the castle's health.

Attack is working!This is the final product of our game project. As shown, the circle is able to move and go to an enemy position. Press the space-bar to fill up the cirlce, this is the charge of the attack. Once the circle fills up, the player can press the space-bar again and the enemy is killed!