3480 - Computer Graphics - Semester Project 
        Jamie Nukpese        

Curved Text on Saturn Rings

These images show's my goal... To have This Text: Curve on the rings of Saturn shown here: image image

My computer graphics elements... -Specular reflection -Hard Shadows -multiple light sources To demonstrate my study... -lab 8 ray tracing framework -lab 13 curved text framework First part of project with Rings around Sphere -added "TYPE_RING" to trace function proj proj Attempt to put my text on the rings -added Image class -made a surface variable for rings named "SURF_RINGS" -then added it to the trace function, while also adding it to our rings for loop -also added a "rayRingIntersect" type int function proj Second Attempt with the text we used from lab 13 proj proj Fixed Curved Text proj proj Removed upside down part of code proj Adding my own texture map attempts proj proj proj Work on December 16th, 2020 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attempt on making text transparent on jupitors rings (solid shadows of rings taken out) proj ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attempt on making rings transparent with texts (solid shadows of rings taken out) proj