Lab 4 FAQ


Question 1: What is the CSS box Model?

answ: Every element in HTML can be represented as being in a box, that all consist of the content, padding, border, and margin. That can adjust based on CSS properties.

Question 2:What is the difference between margin and padding?

answ: The difference is padding represents the distance between the content and the border, while Margin is maximum distance of the element as a whole that enevlops the entire element. while also being the distance between the other side of the border.

Question 3: How is an HTML element height and width determined?

answ: An HTML's element height and width can be determined by the total pixels set by keywords; width, height, padding, border, and margin. We must add together the pixels set on both sides of the CSS properties set in order to obtain the HTML's height and width.

Question 4: Explain this CSS Property: padding: 25px50px?

answ: the element's padding will be set to 25 pixles for both the top and bottom padding and the left and right padding will be set to 50px. A shorthand method to set the padding of an element.

Question 5: What is the difference between a border and an outline?

answ: the difference is that an outline is used OUTSIDE a border to reprepresent the whole element before the margin is used. However, both border and outline have similar properities and can use keyword: outline-offset to offset the distance between a border and an outline.