3480 - Computer Graphics Project Page

Melanie Corral

Stained Glass Window

My computer graphics elements... To demonstrate my study...

Here is the scene I attempted to recreate


I started with lab9 framework and began blocking out my scene.

Below is an image of the scene blocked out with temporary lighting and colors.


I used a ring for the window opening

I set up the window glass using two triangles and placed them behind the opening

I moved the light position to behind the window and I changed the colors of the scene


I then attempted to texture the window. Here is the stained glass image I used


I textured the two triangles using the Barycentric coordinates method we used for lab3


Now I attempted to texture the shadow of the stained window

I removed the window wall so that it can see the shadow more clear


Here was my failed attempt to get a colored shadow.
Knowing what I know now, the problem was that my flags were mixed up
I can to clean up my code and recod the entire thing until I finally got a colored Shadow


I finally got the shadow textured

I got this to work by setting up a flag for the stained glass, and using the getShadow()
In the getShadow when we check that the ray Interscets an object we check to see if it intersects the stained glass object.
When it does intersect we get the colored of the object and then in trace() we check
that when getShadow() is true that we set the color
I also re-positioned the light source


I will continue to set up the rays from the light source