Dr. Melissa Danforth

Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department
California State University, Bakersfield

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Campus Location
Fall 2021 Schedule:
Office hours will be held via Zoom and Discord for Fall 2021. Office hours are Monday through Friday, Noon to 1:00pm, but may need to be rescheduled on specific days if there are meeting conflicts.
Office hour links are posted on Moodle for people in CMPS 2650 and 4620. People not in those courses can send me an email to get the links. People can also email to get an appointment at a different time.

Visualization of Dr. Danforth's Fall 2021 Schedule

Site Navigation
Current and past courses I have taught can be found in the Teaching section. The Research section contains my research interests, projects, publications and curriculum vitae (CV). Documentation useful for students, links to the CSUB library databases, and links to various computer related organizations are in the Links section. My mailing address and email address can be found in the Contact section.

Linux Tip
If you are having any issues with the graphical desktop on Linux, press CTRL+ALT+F1 to drop down to the text-based console where you can log in to the 'student' account with a single terminal session. To go back to the graphical desktop, press CTRL+ALT+F7 (but don't forget to log out of Odin and the 'student' account in the text console first).

Information Security (IS) & Global Intelligence and National Security (GINS)
Computer Science students wanting to know more about the Information Security concentration and GINS students wanting to know more about how to incorporate technology skills into their GINS coursework can click on the IS/GINS link in the menu to the left.

Social Networking Note
I will accept requests to connect on LinkedIn from students in the CEE/CS department. However, to maintain propriety, I will not send requests to connect to students. It might take me a few days / weeks to respond to connection requests on LinkedIn.

I do not have a Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts, so any requests claiming to come from me from those sources should be treated as a spam or phishing attempt.

REVS-UP Summer 2018
Click on the following link for materials: http://www.cs.csub.edu/~melissa/revs-up/sum2018/

NSF SFS Dissemination Workshop Summer 2015
This workshop was primarily for K-12 teachers and university instructors who are interested in the materials developed for the two cybersecurity REVS-UP sections at CSUB. The workshop agenda and materials can be found at http://www.cs.csub.edu/~melissa/revs-up/

Campus Resources
My Eduroam Connection Guide for Linux NetworkManager
My Department Server Connection Guide
CEE/CS Department Homepage
Department Moodle1 Site (older courses)
Department Moodle3 Site (current courses)
CS Department Downloads - Microsoft Academic Alliance information, Putty download link, and more
CSUB main website
Walter W. Stern Library