my project: tire rotation with fire.

        here is a link to a motion graphic which shows how i would want my project to look. click here 

        Previous project idea:
        a car rim and tire with high detail 

        car tire1 
        car tire2
        My approach for previous project:
            Using my piece of terrain, i will wrap that around to make a circle that would be the tire shape.
        I would've used lab9 as my framework and would make a heightmap for the tire tread and the rim and use it to make a somewhat realistic looking tire and rim. 
        The issues: 
            I was not able to make any changes take effect. Tried to transform or rotate the terrain with no luck.

        Some progress of this approach:

        Now my approach for my project:
            I used lab 7 as my framework since we have created a cylinder with textures on there.
        I will be modifying that cylinder to make my tire and wheel from it. 
        Particle system is based on Prof. Gordon's 3350's lab1 particle system.


        some progress with my particle system:
        car tire wit fire 2 

        end result:
        car tire fire 
        car tire smoke