CMPS 4490 Project FP Scavegner Hunt

Created by: Theodore Barcelona


This is my game project idea. Search items, avoid enemies in an open world.

The scavenger hunt fps is based off of adventure and horror genres such as Slender Man, Baldi's Basics, etc.

All ideas comes from the frameworks based on the fps, physics, collision, and blender objects

Other Ideas to use in the future:

  • Add some sound (footsteps, forest scenery, etc.)
  • Create an escape scene, when all objects are found
  • Adding enemies to find you, or kill you
  • Create menu hud

The Story

You are basically trapped in the middle of the wilderness. Your only chance of escape is to
find objects, while avoiding some hunters who will take you down.

The Objective

Your objective is to escape the wilderness by going on a scavenger hunt, to find
certain objects that will help you escape.


  • Move Forward - F
  • Move Backward - B
  • Move Left/Right - Left and Right Arrow Keys
  • Camera Position - Hold CTRL while looking around with Arrow Keys
  • Pick up Item - J


3/14/20 Update 1:

Started off with using just the fps framework while adding objects to the scene. I added a cube, tree and a tall mountain to test out where the object is placed at. Also added in the smoke for testing purposes as well.

4/19/20 Update 2:

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, I am now working solo on the project, while having some different ideas. I decided to work on the blender objects to add more scenery to the framework, while trying to add a bit of collision.

4/24/20-4/25/20 Update 3:

Implementations on the blender scenery. Due to the filesize, I had to change the limit of faces, vertices, and normals. Will soon add trees and items for the player to find.

4/26/20-4/27/20 Update 4:

Trees and items are added, and re-added smoke for more detail. There are 4 items to find: a key, a rock, a monkey head, and a paddle. Find the items yourself. I'm still figuring out how to implement collision on all the objects I placed since you can phase through them. The grid will be used as a starting point where the player starts at. Might use it as the end point when you find all 4 items.