Final Proposal - Troy Scott

For my final project I would like to build on my project for the Fictional site One Blink and build on my page that is for a website that sales teleporters. This site will be both informational and an eCommerce site. I would also like to create a script for entering information for services and for sales contacts. My target audience is for large companies, to invest into the teleportation industry. There will be 3 or more pages for the visitors to interact with a main page, sales page, and service pages. The layout for all three pages will be the same or very similar and there will be buttons to go between each page. I will most likely be using a baby blue and gray website because that is what matches the logo that I created. The page will have a menu for navigation on the left side of the page, and there will be informational on the right side of the page. There are many websites that are similar to mine, that sell things but mine is solely used to sell a particular item. It is related to the website, where the prices aren’t shown on the main page as with typical websites. There will be a way to request quotes through the website, and I will be using a jQuery and java script to make forms for contacts. Another website is these websites sell large equipment and require setup and or customization. My website will offer similar things and I will have a way to request to be contacted by a sales or repair representative. The website will be similar to some other websites, because it is an ecommerce website but it is very niche because it sells only a few large items. This website will be a little different because the information is very limited because the company is very secretive about how their teleporters work and they want to keep it private. The information of the teleporting will be a very close secret so the setup and running of the facility is all done by One Blink reps.