Computer Science 320

May 20, 2003

Lab and Homework Assignment #8


Lab and Homework Assignment #8

Due: 12.00 pm Friday, May 27, 2003

Problem 1:

Use BCD-SEVEN_SEG-DISPLAY ICs to design a logic circuit that is used to display decimal numbers by MultiSim as follows. Zero suppression must be used to blank unnecessary zeros.


Problem 2:

Use 74LS157, 74LS47, 74LS139, and 74LS04 to design a logic circuit that is used to select one of the following SEVEN_SEG-DISPLAYs by MultiSim.

Problem 3:

Use 74283, 7404, 7447, and SEVEN_SEG_DISPLAY to design a 12-position voting system.

Do hand in a printed copy of your circuits. Attach your programs with CS320_LAB8 in subject and email to:

NOTE: Be sure to include the necessary information at the top of your program (name, date, filename, assignment, purpose). Also use meaningful identifiers, good style and indenting, and comments throughout your program to receive full credit.