Department of
Computer & Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
California State University, Bakersfield

Advising Information

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Advising Notes

These advising notes apply to current students majoring in Computer Science (CS), Computer Engineering (CE), and Electrical Engineering (EE) only. Within Computer Science, some notes may apply only to one of the three tracks: Computer Science (CS-CS), Computer Information Systems (CS-CIS), and Information Security (CS-IS).

Department Petitions for Exception

The department requires an NSME Petition for Exception for several enrollment or graduation requirement exceptions. Students must include a justification with the petition. Petitions are turned in to the CEE/CS Department office in Science III and will be evaluated by the appropriate department subcommittee (CS or ECE).

Dean's Office approval is not needed for these petitions. Petitions and all supporting documentation should be emailed to for processing. The blank NSME Petition for Exception is at the NSME Student Center: Petition for Exception.

Petitions are required for the following:

Students will be notified of the subcommittee decision by email.

Quarter-to-Semester (Q2S) Transition

Students continuing from the quarter system to the semester system in Fall 2016 have the option of using the 2013/15 catalog or the 2016/18 catalog for major and general education requirements. Older catalogs will not be converted to the semester system. See the Degree Info page for Q2S transition guides and information.

Standing Substitutions

These are standing substitutions for coursework within the CS, CE, and EE majors. Students will still need to fill out an Advising Checklist that lists these substitutions during their grad check process. Note: Some of these substitutions are only for specific catalog years.

All Catalogs:

Semester-system Substitutions

Quarter-system substitutions:

Additional substitutions may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Students will need very strong justification for substituting courses if they are on the 2013/15 or later catalogs.

General Education for CS and ECE Majors

Semester-system GE:

Quarter-system exceptions for GE:

General Advising Notes

Transfer Information