Department of
Computer & Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
California State University, Bakersfield

CEECS Tutoring Center

The CEE/CS Tutoring Center is located in Science III 324. Tutors are available from the second week of classes until the last day of classes. Tutors are not available during the first week of class, finals week, breaks or holidays. The room is open for use as a computer lab to complete homework and laboratory assignments from 9AM until closing time. Tutors are generally present until 5PM and service may cease earlier on Fridays. An accurate schedule is posted in the tutoring centering. The computers in SCI III 324, computers are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The tutors primary purpose is to assist students taking lower-division classes:

but may be available to assist others in upper-division classes.

Students may ask tutors for assistance on assignments, such as compiler errors. But, please note that tutors are not allowed to solve the assignment for you. For example, you can ask a tutor for help auditing your code. They will respond generally with tips on how to improve your work, but cannot code for you. Asking tutors to assist you in online exams is a violation of the academic integrity policy, and incidents will be reported to Dean of Students.

Alternative Delivery

Due to the campus transition to alternative delivery, the tutoring center has also transitioned to tutoring through Discord, Zoom, and email. Tutors are standing by in Discord to help you by voice chat or text chat. They will also respond to e-mail requests for help, and can initiate Zoom calls for those who prefer private or video-based help.

Discord Link

Please contact or for the link to join the Discord. Do not share this link with individuals who are not CSUB students.

Tutor email address: (preferred) OR This address can be used to ask questions and set up individual meetings.