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Computer & Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
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Who is my advisor?

Where do I go for advising?

As a student of the department you will have two advisors: a staff advisor and a CEECS faculty advisor. Often, the advisor listed is your faculty advisor. However, you only meet with a faculty advisor at a certain point in your time at CSUB. Staff advisors know a lot about transferring classes from another school, the classes you need to take that aren't specific to your major, and if you're having any academic problems. CEECS faculty advisors are the best people to talk to when you need help choosing the more advanced classes for your major or if you have questions about jobs and going to graduate school. Each department has their own way of deciding who your advisor will be. So, advice from friends who are in different majors might not be correct.

For first-time Freshmen:

If you are not a transfer student use this table to determine who you should meet with:

Table 1. Determining if your advisor is with the CEECS department or the NSME Advising and Student Success Center. BS CS: All concentrations.
Major Classes Advisor
BS CS Not completed CMPS 2020 NSME Advising and Student Success Center
BS CS Completed CMPS 2020 CEECS faculty advisor
BS CE/BS EE Not completed PHYS 2070 NSME Advising and Student Success Center
BS CE/BS EE Completed PHYS 2070 CEECS faculty advisor

For transfer and post-baccalaureate students:

Transfer and post-baccalaureate students should meet with the NSME Advising and Student Success Center once for intake. They are responsible to ensuring your transfer credit is properly counted. Afterward, you will meet with your CEECS faculty advisor.

Who is my advisor?

To find your staff advisor please go to the NSME Advising and Student Success Center at: Otherwise, use the table below to determine your CEECS faculty advisor.

For BS CS majors only: Your advisor is listed in on MyCSUB. Use this table only if your CMPS advisor has not been assigned, such as if you have recently changed majors, transferred, or been admitted.

Table 2. Who is your CEECS faculty advisor?
Major Last Name Advisor
BS CS A-B Chengwei Lei, Ph.D.
B-F Vincent On, Ph.D.
F-K and CSSA Melissa Danforth, Ph.D.
K-M Nick Toothman, Ph.D.
M-R and CSSA Albert Cruz, Ph.D.
R-S Kanwal Kaur, Ph.D.
S-Z Anthony Bianchi, Ph.D.
BS CE or BS EE A-B Ehsan Reihani, Ph.D.
C-N Saeed Jafarzadeh, Ph.D.
O-R Amin Malek, Ph.D.
S-Z and CSSA Saeed Jafarzadeh, Ph.D.