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Supporting DREAMers
Submitted by 2022-23 KIE/Valley Strong Student Fellow, Erick Plata Torres DREAMers throughout the United States are facing an uphill battle with judic... Continue Reading »

Reflecting on Community Interest in Carbon Capture and Sequestration
Submitted by 2022-23 KIE Student Fellow, Timothy Lafond As one of the first to walk into an empty room, the echoing of my footsteps could be heard thr... Continue Reading »

Dolores Huerta to Speak at Kegley Institute of Ethics
For full article on Dolores Huerta’s lecture (November 3rd, 2022, at 6 pm PST) please see this article link from CSUB News: https://news.csub.ed... Continue Reading »

Civics Education & Social Justice 
Submitted by KIE 2021-22 Student Fellow, Cassidy Sheppard  When I decided to go back to college last year, I had an epiphany about the work I would l... Continue Reading »

Finding Civility: How Universities Can Be the Anecdote to Political Polarization
Submitted by Ryan Fergon, KIE 2021-2022 Student Fellow Our current political climate is highly polarized.  This has become alarmingly clear in protes... Continue Reading »

KIE Spring 2022 Event Calendar is Published
Join us for an exciting line-up of virtual and in-person events and discussions on topics ranging from public health, climate change, and the impacts ... Continue Reading »

Speaking Our Values: Educating for Diversity and Social Justice
Submitted by 2021-2022 KIE Faculty Fellow, Dr. Adriana Cervantes-Gonzalez While attending grade school, I developed an awareness of the differences I ... Continue Reading »

The Kegley Institute of Ethics at CSU Bakersfield Announces 2021-22 Student Fellows for Intercollegiate Civil Disagreement Partnership
Submitted by Sonia Rodriguez, KIE Social Media Coordinator Eight students from California State University, Bakersfield have been selected to particip... Continue Reading »

Ethics and Online Teaching
Submitted by KIE 2021-2022 Faculty Fellow, Dr. Sumita Sarma The college and university campus lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic largely replaced c... Continue Reading »

Incorporating Engineering Ethics in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Classroom
Submitted by KIE 2021-22 Faculty Fellow, Dr. Amin Malekmohammadi Computer and Electrical engineers across the world are designing and creating many t... Continue Reading »

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