Humanities Beyond Bars

The Kegley Institute of Ethics’s Humanities Beyond Bars program includes ethics seminars for incarcerated students as well as an Ethics Bowl program. It also involves a speaker series on issues relating to incarceration and support of formerly incarcerated students at California State University, Bakersfield.


KIE offers ethics seminars for incarcerated students at North Kern State Prison, CA. These seminars are dialogue-based and focus on central themes and texts in ethics, social and political philosophy, and more. Seminars are led by KIE Affiliate Faculty members. For a description of a recent seminar, see this article.
For more information on Humanities Beyond Bars seminars, contact KIE Director, Dr. Michael Burroughs, at


KIE organizes an Ethics Bowl competition for incarcerated students at California Correctional Institution in Tehachapi, CA. This program includes an Ethics Bowl debate between incarcerated students and the CSUB Ethics Bowl team, held annually at CCI in Tehachapi. For a description of this competition and collaboration, see this article.
For more information on the Ethics Bowl program, contact KIE Associate Director, Dr. Nate Olson, at