Humanities Beyond Bars

The Kegley Institute of Ethics’s Humanities Beyond Bars program includes an Ethics Bowl program and a speaker series on issues relating to incarceration. It also involves an oral history program to capture the voices and stories of formerly incarcerated students enrolled at California State University campuses.

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Oral History Project

Visit the Humanities Beyond Bars Web Site and Oral History Collection here.

Humanities Beyond Bars (HBB) aims to increase public understanding of incarceration in California and the human condition of formerly incarcerated people:

  • open-access oral histories featuring the stories of formerly incarcerated persons
  • public lectures and community conversations
  • a public symposium on incarceration and reimagining public safety

Sponsored by grants from California Humanities and the Whiting Foundation, and in collaboration with the CSUB Historical Research Center and Project Rebound, our team is conducting oral history audio- and video-recorded interviews with formerly incarcerated students and incarceration scholars. These interviews capture the voices and formative stories of these individuals and will foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing between community members and organizations serving currently and formerly incarcerated students.


KIE organizes an Ethics Bowl competition for incarcerated students at California Correctional Institution in Tehachapi, CA. This program includes an Ethics Bowl debate between incarcerated students and the CSUB Ethics Bowl team, held annually at CCI in Tehachapi. For a description of this competition and collaboration, see this article.
For more information on the Ethics Bowl program, contact KIE Associate Director, Dr. Nate Olson, at