KIE Co-Sponsorships

Program Details

KIE Co-Sponsorships

The Kegley Institute of Ethics (KIE) provides funding support for ethically-relevant events on the CSUB campus, including speakers, workshops, and other creative work relating to ethics.

  • Opportunities: KIE offers awards ranging from $100 to $500. Additional amounts can be approved in special cases. Funds must be used for the purpose stated in the co-sponsorship application. Funding requests must be received at least three weeks prior to the event for which funding is being requested.
  • Limitations: KIE co-sponsorships are limited to events that are free and open to the public.

An email will be sent to the applicant indicated approval or denial of funding. If approved, the amount of funds approved will be stated at this time.

Responsibilities of the Awardee


Please send copies of all event publicity (flyers, news releases, and other forms) to with the subject line “Co-sponsored event publicity.”


Please acknowledge support from the Kegley Institute of Ethics in publicity for the event. KIE will provide its logos for this purpose. As a co-sponsor, we ask that these be included in event publications and advertisement.


In order to receive the co-sponsorship funds, please contact the Kegley Institute of Ethics. In most cases, budget processing and invoicing/transfer of funds are needed.


At the conclusion of the event, please email to provide the attendance figures for the event with the subject line “Attendance figures for co-sponsored event.” This information is important for our annual reports, which include attendance figures for our primary and co-sponsored events. This also helps us assess the overall impact and reach of KIE and ethics-related programming at CSUB.

Social Media:

If you are posting this event on Facebook or Twitter, please tag us (Twitter: @KegleyEthics; Facebook: Kegley Institute of Ethics). Or, feel free to send us relevant event URLs that we can copy/paste into our social media accounts. We are happy to help spread the word!

Apply Here

Provide an itemized list with associated costs, one item per line please!
Please provide a short summary of the proposed event that specifically highlights the ethical relevance in concept, theme, or issues covered.
Please list other sources of funding you have already obtained and the amounts (if any), one per line please!