Philosophy for Children







Philosophy for Children (P4C) is an interdisciplinary program that offers courses on P4C methods and practice to CSUB students. The P4C program is sponsored by KIE and partners with local elementary schools and public libraries to offer free programing to local families.

P4C Curriculum: Resources for Students

P4C Program includes a robust curriculum on the CSUB campus which includes two courses:

P4C Community Events

The P4C team offers monthly P4C conversations for 7–12-year-old children at public libraries. We partner with Kern County Libraries to offer special programming for One Book Kern events and Earth Day, and to organize a week-long P4C program during summer.

P4C in Bakersfield in the News

For more information about any of these opportunities, contact Dr. Senem Saner, Director of P4C Program, at Information on our upcoming events and programming be found on our social media and the KIE facebook and twitter feeds.